Most Obvious Use of a Paid Influencer 😎

Ag shame. Those influencers who love their toilet paper brand so much they want to create Insta stories about it. Or those that earnestly flog the benefits of the latest cleaning product in amongst their street-style selfies.  Let us know your nominations for the not so authentic  influencer collabs that […]

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Best Use of Random Hashtag 🤪

We’re looking for those ads that cram a hundred words into one hashtag, those that are unintentionally rude and those that just make no sense. Seen any that make you giggle? Let us have them… #randomhashtag #whyuseonehashtagwhenyoucanuseten #susanalbumparty #useahashtaginsteadofacampaignline

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Make People Dance For No Reason 💃

Remember those ads where happy people start a cheerful song and dance routine in the middle of the street? And happy families burst who into song?  Ever wished you and your friends spontaneously sung and danced IRL?  No, us neither. Let us know those ads which made you feel a […]

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What’s That Billboard For Again? 🙈

A funeral plan? A new jewellery range? Or the off-ramp sign for the nearest petrol station? We’ve driven past it every day for a year and we still don’t know what it’s for.   Let us know your nominations for forgettable billboard ads. 

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Perfect Ad for a Bathroom Break 💨

At last! You’ve been stuck to the screen for the last few hours, not daring to blink in case you missed some of the action. The commercial break has come just in time and it’s a repeat of that dull old ad that always seems to be shown. Time for […]

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